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We are here to tell you all about Dumaguete, it's beautiful sights and delights. Find all you need to know about Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental province in the Philippines.

Find the quickest and cheapest way to get here using air, land and sea routes from major cities in the Philippines. Let us help you plan your trip with maps, news, weather and other essential travel information, plus a large collection of photos so you can preview the places you are about to visit.

And while you're here, there's just so much to do! Visit our historical landmarks, our bustling commercial center, take a romantic stroll by the Boulevard, sample our best restaurants and treat yourself to the freshest catch of the day.
Dumaguete City, the capital of Negros Oriental province, while a wonderful place to visit by itself, is also the perfect jump-off point to surrounding islands, towns, and cities. Whether it's dolphin and whale watching in Bais Bay, or diving in Apo Island, or climbing Mount Kanlaon, find it all in here!

Looking to play some golf in Negros Oriental, or maybe explore our beaches and dive spots? welcome to your essential visitor travel guide. If you're looking to invest in property for a house, a resort, or a retirement community, we will give you all that, too!

If you are a student looking to study at world famous Silliman University, browse our pages and find everything you need to make yourself right at at home.

To maximize your visit to our corner of the world, we will provide you with more  information about exploring the whole of Negros Oriental and bring you to places nearby, too: Siquijor, Bohol, Cebu, Bacolod, Boracay and more!
Buglasan Firewords Competition, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental
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I N S I D E   G O   D U M A G U E T E
Dumaguete City
Visitors should familiarize themselves first with the bustling capital of Dumaguete City before exploring the great outdoors of Negros Oriental.

For apart from being the administrative & commercial center of the province, Dumaguete City is also the land, sea and air transportation hub of the province and all the tourist desinations can be reached from the City of Gentle People.

Beaches & Dive Sites
Bounded by the sea in most areas, Negros Oriental has hundreds of kilometers of beaches, with each of the 17 coastal towns and cities having a unique coastline.

Lakes, Springs and Waterfalls
Due to the mountainous terrain dividing Negros Oriental from the west, the province is blessed with numerous mountain lakes, clear springs and enchanting waterfalls that provide a soothing  cascading sound away from the noise of the city.

Historical Attractions
Visit landmarks dating from the Spanish, American & Japanese`occupations of the Philippines and learn more about the rich history of the island. 

Cultural Attractions
Dumaguete City showcases all the cultural attractions of Negros Oriental with museums that contain artifacts from the pre-Spanish colonization era of the Philippines ... more

Religious Attractions
Negros Oriental is home to many old churches erected during the Spanish occupation of the Philippines ... more

Special Interest Attractions
and attractions, plus short trips to the popular islands of Apo and Siquijor, to Cebu City, Boracay, Bohol and Bacolod.
All About Negros Oriental
Negros Island in the Philippines was partitioned into two provinces in 1890. The settlements on the southeastern coast became Negros Oriental, the province, where the sun rises and where each Negros day begins... more

Festivals & Events
Negros Oriental has a total 25 festivals being held throughout the year, with the Buglasan Festival of Festivals being the biggest and most elaborate of celebrations.

How to Get Here
Complete information on getting to Negros Oriental by air, sea and land via Dumaguete City, and secondary ports of call.

Getting Around Negros Oriental
Guide to the different modes of transportation to help you get explore on you own.

Maps of Negros Oriental
& Dumaguete City
and attractions, plus short trips to the popular islands of Apo and Siquijor, to Cebu City, Boracay, Bohol and Bacolod.

News & Weather
Get weather updates and forecasts plus all the latest news to help plan your trip better.

Recreation & Sports Activities
A complete list of venues for recreational activities & athletic sports in Dumaguete City, and nearby towns of Valencia Sibulan and Pamplona.

Cave Explorations at Mabinay
For experienced spelunkers and amateur caving enthusiasts, the Caves of Mabinay are a must-see. Over a hundred caverns of varying depths and sizes, plus awesome rock formations carved by nature continue to cast their spell on visitors ... more
Apo Island
Apo Island is a diver's paradise, visited by local and foreign diving enthusiasts as it boasts of one of the best community-managed marine sanctuaries in the Philippines, if not in the entire world.

Islands Nearby
Full features on the mystical island of  Siquijor and beautiful Bohol, including complete information on how to get there from Dumaguete City.

Bais CIty Attractions
Just 45 minutes away from Dumaguete is the Bais City and it is visited by many folks for its premier attraction -- Dolphin and Whale Watching.

Canlaon City Attractions
The main attraction of Canlaon City is a trek up Mount Kanlaon, the most imposing landmark in the island of Negros and one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines.

Siaton Attractions
Siaton provides Negros Oriental visitors a refreshing encounter with nature, from beaches to a beautiful mountain lake.

Man-Made Attractions
of Negros Oriental
For visitors to the Philippines who want a glimpse of the genteel life, Negros Oriental  reflects the old world good life, with golf courses, resorts and plantations that one can tour, sample and enjoy.
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